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[When the love for Deputy President William Ruto exceeds that of Mwanaisha. When it gets deep remember it is always deeper, you can as well deep it! Photo/Courtesy].

[Finally it was memorable moments for the Birthday Boy Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf famously known as Kijana Cha Vanga and a renowned Presenter at Radio Salaam. However, at first he did not want to share the cake! Photo/Courtesy/Bakari Ali].

[However, at last he decided to share with colleagues among them the Station Manager Mr Salim Cheka (Left) and Mombasa Woman Representative Aspirant Miraj Abdallah! Though I was not invited, I did not feel that bad! Anyway Happy Birthday Mr Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf and may you enjoy many many more such memorable moments to come! Photo/Courtesy/Bakari Ali].

[Are these twins? or they look alike? I don’t know neither! But this day, Hindi Ward, in Lamu MCA Aspirant Yunus Ahmed Is’hakia was just enjoying the nature, Of course we have a beautiful country called Kenya right? If you have any queries kindly reach Mr Yunus who is also a renowned human rights defender based in Lamu. Photo/Courtesy/Yunus Ahmed].

[For the love for politicians! God forbid! In the Luhya land, everything is possible including hanging on a chopper just to please a politician who cares less about you! These two men perhaps were planning to meet their creator soonest! Safe journey guys. Photo/Courtesy].

[When Jasper Muthomi famously known as MC Jessy goes for the South Imenti Parliamentary seat, indeed he needs prayers and this is not a laughing matter or comedy anymore! However, why does the Catholic Priest resemble MC Jessy? anyway, how you interpret this issue is not my concern. I am enjoying my weekend just like you! Photo/Courtesy/MC JESSY].

[Missile impossible? Kenyans! Let’s not judge Ugandans harshly who are just trying hard to make a missile to defend Ukraine over Russia extended attacks. Let’s support their efforts by taking such missiles to Ukraine. Indeed together we will win the battle against Russia! Photo/Courtesy].

The weekend corner!

There is no shame in farting while urinating…remember there is no rain without thunders unless you live in a desert and deserted area! Have a very lovely weekend…Won’t you?