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We’ll meet in court, Mutua warns Citizen TV over ‘Tahidi high’ content

[KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. Photo/courtesy].

The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has vowed to take ‘Royal Media Service’ to court over ‘disturbing content’ in ‘Tahidi high’ program.

The youthful show airs on Citizen Television every Tuesday at 6: 30 pm.

The program that targets the youthful generation has been running for almost a decade now targeting the youth countrywide and especially secondary school students.

In the program, the actors and actresses showcase how students behave in high school with all the nasty behaviors which in most cases are the true reflection of high school students.

However, this has rubbed Dr. Mutua the wrong way after last Tuesday’s episode showed an actor Joseph Kinuthia Kamau famously known as Omosh smoking a cigarette.

According to Mutua such scenes adds no value to society and aims at eroding the morals of young children who are currently at home for the long holidays as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mutua said such scenarios are affecting the youth and encouraging them to indulge in bad deeds instead of showing the youth programs that will change their mindset and safeguard family values

The KFCB Secretary posted,

‘Citizen TV shame on you. Watching Tahidi high and this character is smoking openly in the program at exactly 6:40 pm. Kids are at home and you are teaching them that smoking is cool. A manager, a producer, or an actor allows this because your agenda is to destroy the morals of our children. Why would you allow this to run during the watershed? The law will catch up with you soon. And worse, God will deal with you harshly for trading moral values for profits and destroying our children. Where do you even get the guts to lecture Government about corruption when you break the law with impunity?’

[A screenshot of Omosh smoking a cigarette. Photo/courtesy].

Royal Media Service management is yet to respond to Mutua’s sentiments.

Citizen TV is currently rated as the most-watched channel in various Synovate research reports.

Citizen television stands out to be the only station that has embraced local content as encouraged by the Kenya Film Classification Board.