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What you see when you look at this picture says a lot about your personality

[a tricky brainteaser. Photo/ Mind Journal]

This tricky brainteaser will tell you a lot about your personality, and it’s all in the first thing you see when you look at the image.

Just a quick glance at this drawing can tell you what others think of you based on what you perceive.

Some people look at this simple line drawing and see a man’s squiggly face, while others immediately identify a woman’s body.

The Minds Journal explained exactly what that means about you…

If you see a woman’s body

A woman’s body means that you have a generous character.

People around you are likely to admire you for your positivity and in a group, people see you as highly efficient.

They also said you are considered to be a highly motivated individual and you are great at seeing a task through to completion.

The experts also claimed that this means you’ve got great social skills and you pick up on subtle cues around you.

They also said that you can be easily affected by those around you.

But you are in balance in your emotional state and are good at setting boundaries with those around you.

If you see a man’s face

Seeing a bloke’s face means that you are great at keeping your feelings to yourself.

It also suggests that you’re known to be a strong leader with high energy levels.

The experts claimed that you’re an analytical person who is set in their decisions and although some may say you’re easygoing, you don’t just follow the crowd.

They said you always put the other people in your life ahead of you but sometimes you need to be reassured that you are loved too.