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Battling or joking with Covid-19?

[This Man Nawaf Athuman from Shella Island in Lamu is a real innovator. He went a notch higher and decided to use his beards as a mask. He is a hero right? Photo/Haramo Ali].

When fighting Covid-19 gets a notch higher, creativity becomes a must for everyone so as to protect themesleves and their loves ones.

However, with such innovations even the police will fear approaching these people.

with such scary masks, physical distance is a must!

[Scary face masks. Photo/courtesy].

[Locals in Murang’s county who were duped when they bought female underwears to use asface masks. Photo/courtesy].

[SCARY! Most scary face masks. Photo/courtesy].

[A real soldier who wants to defend Covid-19! He is among locals in Murang’a county, Kenya, who unknowingly bought underwear for face masks. Photo/courtesy].

[If Kenyans wants to instil the ‘Face mask a must’ behaviour to Kenyans, this is inevitable! Photo/courtesy].