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Tanzania taarab star Mzee Yusuf ‘religiously’ tumbles

[Tanzania top taarab singer Mzee Yusuf. Photo/courtesy].

Tanzania top taarab singer Yusuf Mwinyi famously known as Mzee Yusuf recently amazed his fans after he announced that he is fully going back to taarab entertainment.

Mzee Yusuf seems to be finding it difficulty outside the entertainment scene that became part of his life.

For more than two decades now Mzee Yusuf has entertained Tanzania and Kenya especially the Coast region with his Taarab (Swahili genre) music only to drop his music career barely two years ago.

Since 2018, his vast fans across the East Africa and beyond have remained in the cold begging him to return to the taarab entertainment that has been his glittering career for long.

Recently Mzee Yusuf said he is going back to the entertainment scene and is due to give his thirsty fans fully uninterrupted taarab dose on July, 31st at the Dar live Mbagala hall in Dar es Salaam.

[Tanzania taarab artist Mzee Yusuf. Photo/courtesy].

Mzee Yusuf known for his top songs, Nakshi nakshi, Mpenzi Chocolate, Tupendane wabaya waulizane among many other hot taarab track is no doubt a talented artist.

When he made a decision to leave the entertainment scene the renowned Tanzania artist also revealed that he did not want to do anything with the acquired wealth from his entertainment job, a promise that he failed to honour.

Mzee Yusuf lost his second wife Chiku in June 2017 an incident that hugely contributed to his leaving the entertainment scene.

He is now back with a bang!

[Embedded is one of the Mzee Yusuf hot taarab song ‘Nakshi nakshi]