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Who’s next? Radio Rahma loses its top senior sports presenter to Bahari FM

[Radio Rahma's Sports Presenter Luqman Mahmoud Abdallah. Photo/ Courtesy]

Royal Media Service’s fat cheques seem to give its competitors sleepless nights as it sharpens its raid to Coast based radio stations.

The first culprit being Islamic Coast based radio station Radio Rahma which has just lost its top senior sports presenter to Royal Media Service owned Bahari FM.

Luqman Mahmoud Abdallah famously known as ‘Captain Lolo’ a renowned sports reporter, editor and presenter at Radio Rahma is said to have served a resignation notice to his senior managers on Friday and no doubt he is heading to Bahari FM.

Bahari FM is a Royal Media Service owned radio station that only broadcasts in the Coastal region and it is setting its 2019 pace.

Luqman has been working for the radio station for over 5 years now rising from being an intern, to a political news reporter and later he convinced his senior most bosses that he could properly manage the sports news desk.

The hardworking well versed with sports was among other senior Coast region presenter who attended a recently conducted interview in Mombasa and snatched the sports presenter post.

Luqman is said to fill the gap that was left by Mkalla wa Mwambodze who was recently taken by Radio Citizen, a sister station to replace Yusuf Zema who ditched the station for Milele FM.

No doubt Radio Rahma has lost a great talent, a hardworking, tireless sports presenter with vast experience in local and cross border sports who knows how to articulate and engage his ever thirsty for sports audience.

[ Radio Rahma’s Sports Presenter Luqman Abdallah ( L) together with KBC Radio Taifa Presenter Rashid Mwamkondo (R ). Photo/ Courtesy].

Radio Rahma has faced serious poaching impact this year after its top presenters and news anchors Omar Mwalago and Sameer Ally ditched the station for other opportunities out of the media industry.

Bahari is not done yet with the regional radio station and Baraka FM’s Kevin Jillani famously known as ‘Mtu bei’ who handles Mega breakfast show and Saturday night live entertainment program is also on the move to Bahari FM.

The giant media house is said to be targeting Radio kaya’s breakfast show hosted by Beatrice Dama Kahindi and a comedian Kalambua to revamp Bahari FM’s breakfast show ‘Kudzacha’.

No doubt the raid is just getting started and Coast regional station should brace for more battle for same audience beginning 2019.