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You’ve broken our homes; Jalang’o to Edgar after ‘Boys club’ expos’e

[Radio personality. Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o. Photo/courtesy].

‘The last two days have been tough for me following news of ‘Boys club’ expose that according to me never was’ started Jalang’o.

Felix Odiwuor (real name) who together with Alex Mwakideu hosts the Milele FM breakfast Show says none of their members is in any of the leaked sex tapes.

Jalang’o blamed Edgar Obare a blogger for tarnishing his image and that of his other young entrepreneurs, damaging their business entities and making some of their big clients avoid them.

“The truth will set us free, we will not take any legal action against you Mr. Obare but just know truth will stand,” said the entrepreneur and actor.

Jalong’o has been trending following claims by Edgar Obare that the ‘Boys club’ he belonged has only single objective to target a female prey, have sex with them, record the actions and expose them!

An unremorseful Obare said the club targeted Luo ladies who are taken to a apartment enjoy with the boys as everyaction is recorded and later videos kept safe.

However the safe may have been cracked into and the videos according to Obare leaked.

Obare, who has received love and hate in equal measures from Kenyans said he was unapologetic as he was serving Kenyans just the way they liked it.

“I dropped like its hot,” he said.

[The ‘Boys club’ (close left’ is Radio personality Jalang’o. Photo/courtesy].

However, Jalang’o denied playing such dirty games saying Obare has been targeting him for so long to an extent of cooking up stories just to gnash him.

The ‘Bonga na Jalas’ host says none of the members have slept in the apartment but they have been working on various projects in the apartment and at times until late hours so that they finish up on their assignments.

He said ‘Boys club’ has been there for long and its main focus is development for each member.

The comedian has also denied that he is on suspension but on a two week leave saying he will be back to work after the two weeks.