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King Kaka sings a sanitary music

[Top Kenyan rapper King Kaka. Photo/courtesy].

Renowned top Kenyan Rapper has launched an initiative to keep girls in school during their monthly flow.

The rapper expressed his concerns over how many girls especially those in rural areas miss school following their human nature a situation that should concern everyone.

King Kanga well known for his song ‘Dundaing’ which he featured Kristoff and Magix Enga said the initiative is geared towards ensuring that girls remain in school even during their monthly flow.

He said that people and especially ‘real men’ should join the campaign that in it’s first phase will see over 100,000 girls in rural areas benefit from sanitary towels throughout the year.

King Kaka, who was once known as ‘Kaka Rabbit’ and later ‘Kaka sungura’ said he encountered a single incident that triggered his unique move.

“Let’s be realistic a bit, I met a class 6 girl of 12 years old who is in a sexual relationship with a Boda boda rider only because she lacks sanitary towel,” noted King Kaka.

He said that, despite many ignoring the situation girls go through, many suffer silently since they feel shy revealing their painfully experience to other people.

“How do we expect our girls to perform well in school yet some spend more than a week at home every month because they lack sanitary pads, noted the top musician.

The campaign is already ongoing and according to the ‘Ligi Soo’ Hit maker, it will be expanded to reach many female needy students who cannot afford the hygiene packs.

King Kaka (Kennedy Ombima) as his real name has been involved in various community programs and the hygiene initiative has been termed as a unique venture from such a male top Kenyan rapper.