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Male models are not gays, says top young model


By; Mgandi Ngala


Modeling is not only an entertainment career but if well developed can change the lives of young models in the Kenya.

However, though the career has been linked to female, young male models are beating the strides to make a living form the entertainment and source of livelihood career that needs a great passion.

At only 23, Peterson Kariuki has immense in modeling at the Coast and Nairobi and despite all the challenges his future in modeling career is bright.

Kariuki, a medium sized complexion color skinned young man would attract anyone with his broad smile.

He developed the interest during his childhood and early in 2016 a choreographer by the name Jamal in Nairobi discovered his strong zeal and talent, that was when the grooming officially kicked off.

As a trained model, Kariuki admits that it is not easy for one to break through especially when one is a male model in a female dominated career, but with strong passion and interest, one will attain their goals in life.

The third year Technical University of Mombasa student pursuing a degree in Tourism management is not relenting despite various challenges that come with modeling.

“At times you may invest a lot in a project only to find out later that you were dealing with scammers who will never honor their promise, sending you back home with nothing in the pocket,” he added.

Kariuki, a top young model, an upcoming actor, a script writer for plays, a video and film director is also playing in the decks though he becomes a Disc Jockey-DJ mostly for fun is aiming at being the top East Africa young male model and in future the world best male model.

He admits that it becomes a challenge while performing, “Women would later surround you in need of selfies, hugs, kisses and some would openly ask for love or sex, I always humbly tell them that I value and respect myself and my career as well,” he adds.

The young top model is also perturbed by the notion that male models are gays and that gays in Mombasa and other parts of the country would nag him though social medial platforms, but he would set the record straight that he is not one of them.

Kariuki values human being despite having changed his lifestyle to fit in the modeling world, he would listen to vast of ideas from friends, his lecturers, and from his parents.

He loves traveling exploring new ways of achieving goals, taking challenges in life but always making firm decisions about his life.

He reveals that Ksh. 15,000 is the big amount he recently made saying that it was a good earning for a young model like him, though he is aiming for bigger contract in future.

Travelling all over the world, owning his Marketing and branding firm, a lifestyle and news blog and helping the needy especially orphans are some of his dreams in his modeling career.