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Modeling and sex life – it’s all about self control-says top model

[Prince Ben (R ) and his Bodyguard during the recent Mr. TUM Competitions. Photo/ Maxwell Ngala]



Contesting in a tough battle for Mr. Technical University of Mombasa or Mr. TUM was an axe to grind for young Benson Mawira, a first year Mass communication and journalism student at the Technical University of Mombasa. However with all the passion and zeal of becoming a top male model, Prince Ben as he is famously known in his runway brand he decided to give it a shot.

The 19 year old average body built young top model from Meru County emerged the first runner’s-up, being his first time and challenging 9 other top male models was very promising and he vows to stretch his steps to become the Kenya, Africa and the World top male model.

Prince Ben reveals that unlike the old modeling days of tall, dark and handsome requirements, the careered had been rejuvenated. It’s all about passion, knowledge, dedication and respect that culminates to a top male ‘Model with a purpose’.

He is a singer and a dancer but modeling is at the bottom of his heart and the light right in the beginning signals brighter future for Prince Ben.

“In the recent Mr. TUM tough battle, I merged culture and Africa taste being Luo laced with Nigeria, I felt it was a unique, creative appearance. I do not regret coming second, I know I will be crowned the winner next time,” he revealed with a broad smile.

The designed unique hair cut with a left flash brown blond colored hair, a complexion skin color, accomplished the open and candid round shaped face of the hopefully and promising young top male model that ladies would  want to be associated with thus giving him hard times while he tries to maintain his private life.

[Prince Ben, poses for a photo shoot. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

“It has been hell kind of face with ladies whether during runways or anywhere around the campus life, but modeling and sex life is all about self control, I do not play sex but a professional model, I respect myself and I respect and value women, sleeping around with any woman never add value to any focused man leave alone a model,” he reveals as he checks time on his golden watch and touches his golden chain fitted around his neck.

The young male top model admits that the media is already flooded and with the current stiff competition many of his friends and graduates in the same field are jobless and hopeless.

“I want to become a journalist but not focusing on being employed but use the digital space to sustain my life, however if luck comes my way I will thank God and grab it whole heartedly,” he revealed.

Prince Ben is thankful to his supportive parents whom he says will make him prosper in life.

However he is perturbed by how the boy child has been forgotten in the society and his ‘Modeling with a purpose’ will venture into how boy child rights are fully adhered to.

“I am not just a model but a model with community matters at heart, protecting and fighting for the rights of children in matters education, health, proper upbringing and fighting violence against children,” he poses and takes a deep breath as he begs to leave for his News writing class at TUM.