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Mboko calls for sober discussion on mental health

[Care giver cutting the fingernails of mentally sick person at the new recently launched centre in Mombasa. Photo/courtesy]

Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko has called for an urgent debate on mental health issue.

She said mental health despite being ignored it is negatively impacting the country’s social and economically being.

Mboko said compared to the olden days, mental health has become a disturbing situation with many people suffering from the diseases.

Speaking in Mombasa, Mboko said most Kenyans are suffering depression that has led to mental disorders.


“We have to pick up from where we left in the National assembly and ensure people with mental disorder are accorded proper health attention,” noted Mboko

She said, the debate resurfaced early 2018 but it was dropped.

“If you go to the developed countries, mentally sick have been taken care of and well treated that’s why you will never find them on the streets,” noted the legislature.

His sentiment comes as Mombasa Women Empowerment Network struggles to treat the mentally sick.

Women Empowerment Network Chairperson Amina Abdalla says a special treatment centre located at the Kenya Coast National polytechnic will offer treatment to the mentally sick in Mombasa.

“The 120 bed capacity centre is expected to change the lives of this people to become useful members in the society,” Amina said.