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A disaster in waiting?


Barely a week after an accident broke a section of the Nyali bridge barriers in Mombasa county, the barriers are yet to be replaced.

Two youthful drivers whom their parents own big cars were competing and playing along at the Nyali bridge with their expensive cars.

Before the self proclaimed winner would be announced by unknown event organiser in the around 9 pm competition, one of the young boys almost plunged into the India Ocean thanks to the barriers that saved him.

He was rushed to the Coast General Teaching and Referral hospital in Mombasa where he is recuperating.

He sustained serious head injuries.

The two ‘well experienced’ drivers according to Nyali Sub county residents have been a nuisance in the area forcing other road users to stay away from the roads whenever the two start chasing each other.

“They operate just like the Safari rally drivers scaring away other road users,” said one of the Nyali residents.

The locals say police have failed to stop the two residents who from around 8 pm every day they own the area roads.

However, the national government said all the required materials are ready and reconstruction of the barriers will start soon.

Until then, motorists and pedestrians using the Nyali bridge remain exposed to danger.