Home News A drug user rescued from mob justice in Changamwe

A drug user rescued from mob justice in Changamwe

[Hassan Omar Abdallah (In a reflector jacket) and fatime Nassor (R ) dressing an injured drug user at Changamwe, Mombasa. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

A middle aged man was rescued from an angry mob after he was descended upon by angry mob in Changamwe, Mombasa.

The devastating incident happened after he was alleged to have stolen from a passerby.

However details of the crime committed remained scanty as no one would reveal what the man took from who.

Not even the complainant was available to disclose what led to the senseless beating of the man.

Such incidences have been recently reported in Changamwe forcing Reachout Centre Trust, an anti-drug lobby to constitute a Rapid Response Team to tame the human rights violation in the area.

Speaking after rescuing the drug user, the Head of the RRT under Reachout Center Trust Hassan Omar Abdallah expressed his concern over the human rights violation experienced among drug users in Changamwe.

He said that the situation was ugly where drug users carry all the crime blames in the area.

“It is only a notion that drug users are criminals, such notion has led to gross human rights violation among drug users in Changamwe,” he added.

He appealed to locals in Changamwe to arrest and hand the culprits to the police instead of senseless beating them.

“Those stealing and terrorizing locals in the area are not necessarily drug users, those under influence of heroin cannot steal, they are weak instead,” he retorted.

He said that Reachout Centre Trust is working towards enabling the users access health services and finally walk out of drug use.

He said that violence against drug users in Changamwe and Likoni areas are immense.