Home News A third of human trafficking cases involve children-IOM

A third of human trafficking cases involve children-IOM

[IOM Programs Manager Linda Kolla. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

A research conducted by the International Organization for Migration- IOM has revealed that a third of human trafficking cases in the country involve children.

The International Organisation for Migration further revealed that most of those netted in the syndicated are largely lured that they will be employed only to end up suffering in acute slavery.

Speaking in Mombasa after meeting women leaders and human right activists, the IOM Programs manager Linda Kolla said that the revelations were very disturbing and that there was dire need for various stakeholders to tackle the issue.

According to Ms Kolla, children were easily lured into the trap and taken to other countries where they are enjoined into security forces at a very tender age.

She noted that the South Coast border point within Kwale County and Lamu County were used to traffic minors and youth to countries among them Ethiopia, South Africa, and the Middle East among other countries.

“We are involving women to help us in creating awareness since they are the community keeper, the Coastal region is heavily affected by human trafficking issue,” she added.

Ms Kolla said that most affected children, youth and women are promised lavishly life abroad only to meet a rude shock after their transit and reaching their destinations.

“Some have experienced physically abuse and psychologically torture, some even lost their kidneys after they were sedated and went through an operation,” she revealed

Kolla appealed to locals at the Coast to be extra vigilant since those involved in the trafficking syndicate masquerade as holy and religious people while some pretend to be very rich business people.