Home News Abducted Lamu man leaves over 30 orphans in desperation

Abducted Lamu man leaves over 30 orphans in desperation


About three weeks now since Yassir Mahmoud Ahmed was abducted by unknown people in Lamu, details have emerged that the selfless man was the ‘father’ of over 30 orphans in Lamu Island.

Yasir fed, clothed and sheltered the orphans singlehandedly and his abduction has left his adopted family of 30 children in pain and desperation.

Under the name Muhadh orphanage, Yasir was highly depended upon by the innocent souls, whose hopes have now turned to hopelessness, pain and suffering.

“I look at the desperation on their faces and I am in tears, this doubles my pain,” said Yasir’s father Mahmoud Mau.

Mau, a local Muslim cleric in Lamu says his son, Yasir has three wives and children all of who now have nothing since he is the sole bread winner.

“His family, my family and our adopted family of 30 homeless orphans are all looking at him for our basic needs,” said a teary father.

He said his efforts to even get a clue of where his son could be have hit a snag.

Mau appealed to the government to help him locate his son.

Yasir, 43 year old ambulance driver with the Lamu county government was also an established business person at Kiunga in Lamu.

He was on June 19 abducted at Mkunumbi area along the Lamu-Witu-Garsen road by armed security officers believed to be from the government.

However, Lamu County administration has since denied such allegations, saying investigations are underway to unearth the whereabout of Yasir.

Meanwhile Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) has sued the government demanding answers over the abduction of Yasir.

Through its Chairperson Khelef Khalifa, Muhuri wants the government to reveal the whereabout of the ambulance driver and present him in court and press any charges against him.

“We have sued the government at the Malindi high court and we want answers to Yasir’s disappearance,” said Mr. Khalifa.