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Abducted Mombasa man Salim Sagar freed


Mombasa businessman Abdulhakim Salim Sagar who was arrested by security agencies in Mombasa a month ago has been freed.

He is said to have been set free at Voi area in Taita Taveta County at the wee hours on Sunday.

No more details were disclosed about his release.

Sagar, 40 was arrested at Mlango wa Papa area in Oldtown Mombasa on August 16, 2021, and his whereabouts since then has remained a puzzle.

Sagar was arrested while taking his children home from Madrassa where plainclothes security officers believed to be from the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) forcefully took him into their waiting car and vanished.

Though Human rights defenders, the family and local leaders camped at the Coast regional police headquarters in Mombasa in search of answers on Sagar’s whereabouts, they were taken through hiding and seek games by police.

Coast regional police Commander Manasse Musyoka at first was quoted saying that police were detaining Sagar and that they would release him after interrogation.

However, the following day when the Family, human rights defenders led by Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed and politicians went to his office, Manasse denounced his earlier statement.

In an affidavit sworn by Manasse in court after rights defenders went to court and sued the government demanding the release of Sagar, the police denied having any information on Sagar’s whereabouts.

“Police are also treating this as a missing person case and are actually helping the family locate their kin,” Manasse disclosed in his affidavit.

The family and activists rubbished Manasse’s defence.

This triggered protests from Sagar’s family and human rights defenders.

[Human rights defenders with Abdulhakim Salim Sagar family in a recent protest in Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].
“My brother is innocent, he indulges in small businesses in Mombasa and we live together, we have never seen him working with any terror group,” Said Abdulhakim’s younger brother, Faris Sagar.

Speaking on the same issue recently, Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed said by doing so police are pushing the families of enforced disappearance victims to retaliate.

“This is how violent extremism is built among the Coastal communities, security agencies should arrest and charge any suspects and end gross human rights violation,” Noted Ms Hemed.

She said the Coastal communities are living in fear following increased cases of enforced disappearance.

Meanwhile, Mombasa Senator Mohammed Faki has called for a cease in gross human rights violations in the Coast region.

Faki said the cases are on the rise and police should admit that they are fully involved and stop the inhumanity.

“If the police are not involved in the enforced disappearances and killings witnessed in the Coast region, then why they do not investigate and arrest those involved?” Posed Faki.