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Activists condemn police for summoning MUHURI Chair Khelef Khalifa

[Human rights defenders Hussein Khalid (Haki Africa) Executive Director (Left) with MUHURI Chairperson Khelef Khalifa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Coast based human rights defenders have condemned security agencies for summoning one of their own Khelef Khalifa over spreading hate allegations.

The defenders say Khalifa is constitutionally right to defend the economic rights of the Coastal communities.

Led by Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid, the activists said there was nothing wrong for Mr Khalifa to say that the Mombasa port services have been transferred to Nairobi’s Internal Container Deport (ICD) and to the Naivasha dry port.

Khalid said it is evident the Coastal communities are languishing in acute poverty caused by the government, further blaming the current government for economically distabilising the Coast region.

The activist said they will never back down in  fighting for the Coastal communities rights.

“If the government wants to come and arrest us for demanding for our economic rights then let it come and arrest all of the Coastal people,” said Mr Khalid.

His sentiments were echoed by the human rights lobby Angaza Movement Chairperson Julius Wanyama who blamed security agencies saying they know nothing about the constitution.

He said the Kenyan security authorities are being misused by the government to silence the activists and the entire Coast dwellers, a situation that the human rights defenders will not condone.

“Mr Khalifa openly said that by transferring port services to Nairobi and Naivasha the Coast economy has been hugely crippled, isn’t that factual?” posed Wanyama.

He blamed the security agencies for not clearly understanding the rights and power of the people as enshrined in the constitution, and further vowed that the activists will not lag behind in fighting for the Coast region economic rights.

The activists were addressing journalists on Monday outside the Coast regional police headquarters in Mombasa after the Regional police Commandant Manase Musyoka summoned Khalifa over sentiments he made last Tuesday at Tononoka that transferring of port services to Nairobi and Naivasha has ‘killed’ the Coast economy leaving many people jobless.

However, Khalifa said nothing will deter the human rights defenders from telling the government the truth.

“If the government thinks whatever it is doing is right then we as Coast people are ready to fight for what is rightfully ours without fear,” he said.