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Activists poke holes on ‘Kazi mtaani’ gov’t initiative

[Haki yetu field Officer Ms Furaha Charo (Right) with the organisation's emerging issues Officer Ms Joan Otengo. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The national government hygiene program dubbed ‘Kazi mtaani’ recruitment exercise was marred by massive nepotism and discrimination, human rights defenders have said.

According to the rights defenders, village elders owned the program as their private entity.

Haki yetu human right organisation field Officer Furaha Charo said the program despite being noble most youth were left out and village elders selected their relatives some even above 35 years.

Addressing journalists at the Haki yetu offices at Bangladesh in Jomvu constituency, Ms Charo urged the government to involve civil society in the recruitment exercise.

“In phase two of the program, we call for a total transparency in the whole exercise,” she said.


She urged the national government to involve multiple organisations in monitoring of the program so that youth do not feel discriminated.

The activist said if the program is well managed it can change the lives of many youth in Mombasa and beyond.

“We are not poking holes in the whole program, but we want some few issues addressed,” she noted.

[Old town youth unblocking sewage chambers in residential areas. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Some of the issues that the organisation wants streamlined are recruitment, monitoring, working tools, provision of first aid kits and personal protective equipment among other aspects.

On her part, Haki yetu emerging issues Officer Joan Otengo said the human rights lobby will closely monitor the implementation of the program to ensure effectiveness.

Ms Otengo said some of the village elders owned the program just like their private projects and played total discrimination in registration exercise.


“Some of the politicians too interfered with the first phase of ‘Kazi mtaani’ leaving many youth out, we want that rectified,” she said.

Recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta warned politicians against interfering with the program.

Uhuru clearly stated that he will not condone any politics in the ‘Kazi mtaani’ program meant to cushion youth from the negative economic impact of Covid-19.

Meanwhile over 16,000 Mombasa youth have benefited from the second phase of ‘Kazi mtaani’ program.

The program was launched by Interior CAS Hussein Dado in Mombasa last Sunday.