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Activists want Mombasa security forums reinstated

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Ali Chete].

Human rights defenders within Mombasa county have raised red flag over increased insecurity incidences in the county.

The activists say the re-emergence of criminal gangs should immediately be contained.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid says the recent unpleasant security situation experienced in Likoni, Kisauni and Mombasa Island need to be amicably addressed.

In a statement to news rooms Thursday morning, Khalid urged security apparatus to swing into action and contain the volatile situation witnessed in Mombasa.

He said Mombasa has been experiencing peace and calmness for months however, the situation has abruptly changed.

“We urge the police to unleash the cause of the re-emergence of criminal gangs within the county and quell the worrying situation,” he said.

Security forums

He called for reinstatement of peace and security forums in the most affected areas so as to contain the insurgency of illegal outfits in the county.

“With the Covid-19 threat, we should not completely halt the forums but instead observe all the protocols and ensure we engage our youth,” he reiterated.

The human rights defender however scoffed at some of the parents within the county for caring less about what their children indulge in while outside their homes.

He said some parents have completely failed in playing their parenting roles thus leaving their children to the society.

“We can’t continue blaming each other as these criminal gangs maim and kill innocent people within our own society, we have to act,” he charged.

Recently, Likoni police arrested suspects alleged to have injured at least 7 people in the area.

According to Likoni Deputy OCPD Jacktone Otieno, the group of youth indulge in criminal activities and then hide in the bordering Kwale County where police have been trailing them.