Home News Adhere to environment, health laws or shut down, ‘Motrex’ investors warned

Adhere to environment, health laws or shut down, ‘Motrex’ investors warned

[Mombasa County Secretary Francis Thoya (R ), Mikindani MCA (L ) among Kwa Mwanzia residents during an inspection tour in the area. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Mombasa Country government has ordered the owners of a clinker company at Mikindani area, Jomvu constituency to fully adhere to environmental and health laws or shut down.

Mombasa County Secretary Francis Thoya said complaints from locals called for an immediate action from the County government as the negative impact was upsurge.

Addressing locals after an inspection at Mikindani residential area where the Motrex godown is situated, Thoya said that the investment caused more harm to locals than fortunes.

Thoya said that the company management did not consider health and environmental hazards and he issued a seven day notice to the management to either adhere to safety measures or be forced to pack and go.

Thoya revealed that investors were welcomed in the area but only those who would respect and value health and environmental laws.

“Remember the other time we had the poisonous lead case where locals were severely affected and some could not regain their normal health? We will not tolerate such human rights violation anymore,” he said.

Thoya who met locals at ‘Kwa mwanzia’ areas in Mikindani said that the clinker stored at Motrex godown was posing a major health threat and it should be contained before the negative health impact worsen.

“We are seeking audience with the owners but before that we will issue them with a seven day notice so that they fully understand how serious we are over the health and environmental matter,” he added.

On his part Mikindani ward MCA Juma Renson Thoya cautioned investors over the health and environmental threats posed by their businesses.

He also blamed some public officers for colluding with such careless investors in the area.

No any official statement or response that has been issued by Motrex limited managers so far.