Home News Alex Monson killer’s judgement on Monday, father jets in Kenya, Friday

Alex Monson killer’s judgement on Monday, father jets in Kenya, Friday

[The late Alexander Monson. Photo/Courtesy/Family].

Four Kenyan cops who were involved in the killing of a British aristocrat Alex Monson in Diani police station 9 years ago will know their fate on Monday, November, 15.

Alex Monson who was 28-year-old during his death at Diani police station back in 2012 was the son and heir to the 12th Baron Monson.

He was found dead in his cell in Diani after being arrested for allegedly possessing cannabis.

Police said he died of an overdose but contradicting reports by government pathologists said he suffered a traumatic blow to the head. An inquest later said there had been a cover-up and threats to witnesses.

High Court Judge Erick Ogolla had earlier ruled that four officers, Naftali Chege, Charles Wang’ombe Munyiri, Baraka Bulima and John Pamba must stand trial in Mombasa on murder charges.

Judge Ogolla demanded the four to tell the court what transpired since the deceased was arrested in good health.

Lord Nicholas Monson who is expected in the country on Friday, November 12th, 2021 says the family has been exhausted by the 9 year long justice process and it has been hard for them.

Alex’s mother Hilary Monson who has been keenly following the case in Kenya expressed hopes that justice will at last prevail.

“I hope at the end of day justice for my late son will be served,” she said.

Cause of death

Alexander Monson died in police custody after being arrested on suspicion of smoking cannabis.

A British aristocrat who died in custody in Kenya was beaten to death by police, an inquest ruled.

Alex, son to Lord Nicholas Monson, was arrested for allegedly smoking cannabis at the Diani beach resort, Kwale County in May 2012.

His family has always maintained he was killed by the police, while officers claimed he died of a drug overdose.

Earlier Senior Principal Magistrate Richard Odenyo recommended four officers be prosecuted.

“His death was not natural, neither was it due to drugs. His life was cut short by the police and therefore, the Director of Public Prosecution should prosecute the officers mentioned,” Odenyo told Mombasa court.

Human rights lobby, Muslims for Human Right MUHURI had been following up on the case for the last 9 years.

Inhuman cops

MUHURI Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma revealed that according to the inquest the 28-year-old died from a blow to the head with a blunt object, inflicted while he was in custody.

Mr Auma pushed for the arrest of the Diani police station cops and has since been closely and keenly pursuing justice for the Monson’s family.

[MUHURI RRO Francis Auma with Alex’s mother Hilary Monson and Lord Nicholas Monson outside Mombasa Law courts in 2015. Photo/Reuters].

“We are doing this as human rights defenders to ensure justice prevails and push for transformative human actions within our Kenyan police service,” revealed Mr. Auma.

He said Kenya police are never trained to kill people but ensure respect of rule of law as well as protect human life and property.

“We are not saying the entire police service is cruel, however it is evident that our Kenyan police officers are quick at killing innocent people rather than protecting lives,” he noted.

Mr Monson, who was the son of the 12th Baron Monson and heir to the family estate in Lincolnshire, moved to Kenya to live with his mother Hilary Monson in 2008.

Giving evidence during the inquest in Mombasa she said her son had been arrested after a night out with friends on suspicion of smoking bhang, a form of cannabis.

She was later told her son had been found on the floor of the police station quivering.

Mrs Monson told the inquest, which started in 2015, she visited her son in hospital where he was chained to a bed.

“He was having very great difficulty breathing,” she said.


He said his son was subjected to “a brutal attack” while in the care of police, and was “left lying unconscious in a cell and later, behind the station’s report desk having been denied medical attention and any semblance of decency”.

[Police officers Naftali Chege, Charles Wang’ombe Munyiri, Baraka Bulima and John Pamba before Mombasa high court. Photo/Reuters].

An independent pathologist hired by the family found Mr Monson died from a fatal blow to the back of his head.

The Monday judgement will put to an end the long struggle, pain and devastation the Monson’s family has been going through since 2012.