Home News All illegal structures on pavements will go down- CEC Balala

All illegal structures on pavements will go down- CEC Balala

[County askaris bringing down an extended part of Tarboush eatery/ photo- Maxwell Ngala]

Mombasa county government has embarked on demolition of all illegal structures extended on pavements.

The county launched the exercise within Mombasa Central Business District on Monday which will see many extended buildings and business entities count loses.

The county Executive Member in charge of transport, infrastructure and public works Tawfiq Balala will oversee the exercise to ensure that roads within the Coastal city are cleared of any extended buildings to ease transport.

Mr. Balala said that the owners were issued with demolition notices and that the county will no longer extend the notice but swing into action and clear the roads.

Balala said that the move was not aimed at victimizing business owners or building proprietors since they went against the county by laws.

He urged property owners to deter from encroachment since is blocked transport activities within the CBD.

“We need to clear our roads and we already issued notices to property owners,” he added.

He said that the county had mapped out various areas within the CBD which are illegally extended to the roads and insisted it will not relent on ensuring the structures go down.

Balala appealed to property owners to observe construction rules set by the Mombasa county government.

On Monday, an extension of the famous Tarboush restaurant that has been flocked by locals and domestic tourists for Swahili delicacies go down.

Tarboush which is owned by Kenyan ambassador to Oman Sheikh Mohammed Dor’s family was the first culprit but the county government says it was just but the beginning of the exercise that will see many illegal building extensions brought down.