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Anti-drug activists scoffs at Joho over ‘Miraa’ remarks

[Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Photo/courtesy/GPS].

Coast based anti-drug activists have criticised Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho over his recent remarks to quash cess charges on Miraa being transported to Mombasa County.

While addressing locals in Meru County on Monday during the ‘Azimio la Umoja’ political campaigns that were spearhead by ODM party leader Raila Odinga, Joho said he had ordered an immediate cease of charges on Miraa being transported to Mombasa County.

Joho said Miraa (Khart) traders can now freely transport the drug into Mombasa County without any charges by the county government.

However, his sentiments have not been received well by anti-drug activists in the Coast region.

Led by an anti-drug lobby Reachout Center Trust, the activists said Joho’s remarks are extremely detrimental to the efforts done by the activists in fighting drug use among Mombasa and Coast residents at large.

“Our efforts over the decades will go to waste if we implement such move since Miraa will be more available than ever, this will in return encourage our young generation to cheaply buy and consume Miraa,” lamented Reachout Center Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman.

According to Taib, many youth started chewing Miraa and later they turned out to be hard drug users.

He vehemently opposed to such sentiments, saying Joho is throwing the young generation into more complicated and unproductive situation that will not be easily curtailed.

“It can be a useful political gimmick to woe votes from Meru County but at the expense of our people’s health,” he reiterated.

The anti-drug Czar called on the Coast leaders to take the front lead in battling drug use in the region.

Taib said Miraa and Mugukaa are classified as drugs and making them readly available to the Coastal people translates to a whole young generation being ‘killed’ by the addiction.

He appealed to the Coastal leaders to be very cautious in their political campaigns so that they do not ‘kill’ the young generation, but instead join the fight against drug and substance abuse.

[Anti-drug lobby Reachout Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo].
His sentiments were backed by the Kenya basketball Association Chairperson Hilmy Ali who said consumption of khart has posed serious effects to youth health.

“This will only increase the consumption of Miraa among our youth and finally we will have beautiful sporting facilities but none to use them following the strong drug addiction we are posing to our youth” said Mr Ali.

Current figures indicates that every lorry ferrying Miraa to Mombasa pays at least 45,000 shillings as cess charges.

There are 10 lorries that transport Miraa to Mombasa on daily basis, that simply translates to 450,000 shillings that the county collects in a single day.