Home News Anxiety mars Mombasa county workers as Nassir institutes audit

Anxiety mars Mombasa county workers as Nassir institutes audit

[Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir while addressing journalists in his office on Monday. Photo/Abbas Omar/ Sept' 26, 2022].

Anxiety and discomfort have engulfed Mombasa county workers after the governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir announced that he is instituting an independent audit to unearth the number of workers in the county government.

Nassir says the process has been necessitated by the current state of the county especially with the accrued bills and unpaid salaries.

Addressing the media in his office on Monday, Nassir said he has already written a letter to the Public Service Commission to enhance an audit process of all the staff in each department.

The audit will dwell in all the county departments among them the Finance, Health, Environment, Youth, gender and sports, Trade, Infrastructure among others.

The audit will reveal the exact number of staff in the county, their profession, their experiences among other aspects the independent audit will focus on.

No lay-offs

“None the less, the outcome of the audit will not render anyone jobless, whether we surpass the ceiling as provided by the constitution or not, your jobs are secured,” Nassir assured the county workers.

He further revealed that without proper audit, it will be relatively difficult for the county leadership to make development plans for Mombasa residents and as well ensure the workers’ welfare are fully catered for.

“We promised Mombasa residents the very best quality services, we are exactly on course and nothing will stop us from implementing all our plans,” noted Governor Nassir.

Nassir further revealed that he will also focus on effecting promotions whenever there is demand and when the work experience and qualification of an individual worker allows.

“The process we are initiating today is meant to enhance total transparency and a facelift of service delivery to Mombasa residents,” he said.


Nassir’s move has been backed by Mombasa residents and rights defenders who said Mombasa county government is slowly changing its focus from benefitting few individuals to improving the lives of the entire Mombasa county residents.

“From the start since he was declared the winner, we saw a focused bold-hearted leader who want to see Mombasa county at greater heights, we fully back him, the independent workforce audit is necessary,” said Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma.

Auma however, said the fact-findings should be made public so that Mombasa residents know what transpired and led to poor services to Mombasa residents.

“Nassir is a performer; however, he can’t deliver to Mombasa residents if he does not understand how the staff were employed, under what capacity, under what demand and what are their education background and professions,” noted Mr Auma.