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Any help will ease the pain- says desperate woman

[An ailing NZingo breastfeeding her baby. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

An ailing woman in Shanzu, Kisauni constituency, Mombasa is appealing for help after she developed a mysterious disease.

The disease yet to be examined by medical experts has resulted into wounds in both her breasts causing her alot of pain.

The mother of 7 known as Nzingo says she has no one to depend on since she is a single parent.

“I lost my husband and I have been raising my children single-handedly,” she says.

One of her daughters Jumwa says her mother who has been seeking any hand from well wishers is also breastfeeding her two months old baby.

“I have been searching for help unsuccessfully, my fear is that the baby may be actually sucking pus instead of milk,” Jumwa said.

She called on anyone who can help their get the much needed medical examination and treatment.

Nzingo is poor and can hardly afford food leave alone medication.

[For any help kindly contact one of her daughters Pauline on 0707 354099]