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ATPU nab two terror suspects in Mombasa

[ATPU at the Likoni scene on Monday. Photo/Courtesy].

The Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) on Monday arrested two terror suspects in Likoni, Mombasa County.

The two were said to be from Kwale county and were heading for a mission at an unknown destination within the Coast region.

Coast Regional Police Commander Manase Musyoka said security agencies recovered two AK-47 rifles, rounds of ammunition, and several mobile phones.

Musyoki said security agencies have been trailing the suspects for some time.

Gunshots were heard before the ATPU officers accosted the two driving in a Probox vehicle.

“We managed to nab them right at the Likoni ferry crossing channel, Mombasa Island side,” said Mr. Musyoka during the Monday mid-morning incident that attracted locals.

Terror network

The two are said to be among the returnees who were recruited by the Al-Shabab terror network in Somalia.

“We are very keen on this issues since we have enough intelligence reports that some Al-Shabab trainees are back in the country planning to execute terror attacks,” Noted Mr. Manase

He noted that Kwale and Mombasa counties are on the spot over reports that many Al-Shabab returnees are hiding in the two counties.

The two suspects are being interrogated by the ATPU.

Good job

Meanwhile human rights lobby Haki Africa has lauded police for arresting the two terror suspects in Likoni, Mombasa on Monday.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said the actions were executed lawfully and police deterred from Killing or using excessive force.

“We want this to be done to forced disappearance victims among them the recent abduction of Abdulhakim Salim Sagar, in Oldtown on Wednesday last week,” said Mr. Khalid.

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

In a statement to newsrooms on Monday, Khalid said police need to arrest any suspect and charge him before the court and not killing or take them to an unknown location.

“For Abdulhakim’s case he was in 2018 arrested and faced terror-related charges, however, he was later acquitted after the prosecution failed to substantiate their charges against him,” said Khalid.

Rights violation 

Abdulhakim was last week on Wednesday abducted by plain cloth police officers according to t the rights defenders and family in front of his young children and to date, his whereabouts remain a puzzle.

Coast Regional Police Commander Manase Musyoki admitted that security agencies were holding the suspect only to recant his admittance later saying police are not aware of Abdulhakim’s whereabout.

[Mombasa Senator Mohammed Faki addressing journalists during Monday protests. Photo/Collins Mangicho].

On Monday, Abdulhakim’s family, human rights defenders, and politicians protested increased abduction involving security agencies in Mombasa.

Led by Mombasa county Senator Mohammed Faki they demanded unconditionally release of Abdulhakim.