Home News Babu Owino eats cake as DJ Evolve eats medicine

Babu Owino eats cake as DJ Evolve eats medicine

[Embakasi East MP Babu Owino with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonk at a past function. Photo/courtesy].

The entertainment players across the country have gnashed Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino for what they termed as inhuman and careless approach in ensuring DJ Evolve heals.

The artists, Producers DJ’s and human rights defenders criticised Owino for what Mr. Felix Orinda is currently going through.

They further scoffed at the judiciary for letting Paul Ongili (Babu Owino) walking scot free despite confirming that indeed he was involved in the shooting of DJ Evolve at B-Club in Nairobi in January, 17.

In an interview with NTV, DJ Evolve who is recuperating at home said he is struggling and has left all to God.

While experiencing difficulties in speech, DJ Evolve seem to be doing well comparing himself with the bad situation he has been in for the last six months.

“At least I can afford a sleep, I had to take medicine before I slightly get a nap, I thank God,” he said during the interview with NTV.

With a Holy Rosary hanging on his hand and on the wall, DJ Evolve is a Man of God and an entertainer as well who earned an honest living through making people shake the popular B-Club.

[DJ Evolve in tow different scenarios, on the decks at B-Club and in hospital bed].

The man on the decks, missed by fans holds no grudge but only prays for his recovery so that he can take care of his devastated Mum.

His mother also reveals that she is psychologically suffering since the incident that shocked Kenyans.

In the video, Babu Owino is seen holding a shisha pipe on the left hand and at a close range he draws a gun a shoots DJ Evolve.

DJ Evolve is later dragged outside the club by two unknown men in a cover-up mission.

However, the mission is botched after a public outcry that leads to Owino’s arrest and charged.

The players in entertainment sector are now blaming the judiciary for delaying justice for DJ Evolve.