Home News Battle for child custody between two Kilifi lovers gets messy

Battle for child custody between two Kilifi lovers gets messy

[MUHURI RRO Francis Auma with Helen Maria. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The battle between two lovers Hellen Maria Imokor and Kevin Hurley has escalated further at the Mombasa law courts with Imokor accusing Kevin of escaping with their third year old boy.

Muslims for Human Rights [MUHURI] Program Officer Francis Auma lashed out at Mtwapa police station officers in Kilifi county for allegedly declining to enforce court orders issued against Hurley, which favors his estranged Kenyan girlfriend.

Auma cited Imokor’s case who has been denied the right to have access to her three year old child despite a court order issued by high court judge John Onyiego.

“Apart from the latest order there are others issues before which have not been enforced,” he pointed out.

Auma said the father of the child Kelvin Hurley who is a former Scotland Yard detective and a British national is supposed to be with the child from Monday 4 pm to Thursday while the mother is to be with the child from 4 pm from Friday to Monday before schools open.

The human rights defender was addressing the media outside Mombasa law courts after the child’s mother lodged a complaint at the human rights office in Mombasa County.

Auma added that the mother is supposed to have custody of the child from Sunday to Friday when the schools open while the father is to be with the child from Friday to Sunday.

Auma said the court order has not been effected after the father decided to disobey the directive by the high court.

He blamed the court for frustrating the child’s mother for not ensuring the court order was enforced.

“The court issued orders which are against the child’s basic rights in favor of the foreigner,” he pointed out.


Auma said despite the issuance of almost eight court orders the child’s mother has been denied access to the child.

Auma said the woman has been subjected to a lot of harassment and intimidation by people close to and allied with the foreign national.

“It’s wrong and we have lodged a complaint with the Independent Policing Oversight Authority [IPOA] to intervene and investigate the allegations,” he said.

He said the child’s mother has reported eight cases of harassment and intimidation at the local police station but nothing has been done about it.

Auma asked the interior cabinet secretary to investigate cases of burglary and vandalism at Maria’s residence in Kilifi County.

On her part, Maria sent a passionate appeal to Chief Justice Lady Martha Koome to intervene so that justice can prevail in the child custody case.

She alleged she has undergone a lot of frustration and trauma after being denied access to her child even after the court ordered the British national to give her access to her child.

“I have tried to seek justice and see if the court orders are obeyed but to no avail,” she said.