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BBC roasted for airing ‘substandard’ feature

[BBC Logo. Photo/courtesy/BBC].

The giant UK based World top media establishment British Broadcasting Cooperation- BBC has been trending for the wrong reasons.

This follows a documentary that aired on the ‘Africa Eye’ segment that featured private investigator Jane Mugo.

The lady who has conducted various investigations revealed to a journalist Sharon Machira all her tactics in finding the truth about various incidences some very daring.

Mugo is simply explaining to BBC reporter of how she conducts her daily duties in the field, as a private investigator.

She disclosed all her secret tactics to the media.

Kenyans with their hilarious comments gnashed Mugo, the reporter and BBC as an international media establishment.

“Such a substandard material shouldn’t have aired on BBC in the first place,” posted another person.

The comments plugin on BBC YouTube channel was immediately turned off.

Kenyans expressed their dissatisfaction and hilariously reacted towards the documentary on Facebook and Twitter handles, the thread has been trending but for the wrong reasons.

“This is a ‘James bond’ movie with the pathetic Taekwondo tactics of the private investigator,” posted another person.

[Embedded is the documentary courtesy/BBC].

Some Kenya based journalists termed the feature as a ‘big joke’.

Some journalists questioned the relevance of the feature to the audience, how can one reveal secret tactics in investigating a murder case? What was the main objective of the feature program to the audience? Is the journalist qualified and creative enough to file a rich documentary and not a mere joke?

“All those who were involved in recording, packaging and airing the documentary failed,” the Kenyans expressions went on, on various social media handles.

Another part that pained Kenyans most is the whipping of individuals when being served with food.

“Africa eye’ segment being the best and serious investigative program on BBC should cease airing such half-baked program or it will lose its meaning,” according to Kenyans

However, jane Mugo has since rubbished KEnyans reactions saying none of them matches her zeal to find justice for various victims of injustices.