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BidiBadu entertainment club condemns uncouth business rivalry

[BidiBadu Pub and Restaurant Owner Hashim Omar (Centre) addressing journalists at the facility at Likoni, Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar]

Entertaining pubs and restaurants owners in Likoni constituency, Mombasa county have been cautioned against maligning the names of other businesses.

The management of BidiBadu Shelly Beach restaurant told their business rivals to stop soiling their business and maligning their names.

They urged them to embrace competition in business instead of opting for character assassination and giving their business a bad name.

They refuted claims they engage in drug trafficking and entertain gays and lesbians in their facility.


The local entertainment pub proprietor Hashim Omar denied claims they were kicked out of Kwale county due to immoral activities.

He accused his business rivals of jealousy after opening a new business in Mombasa county.

“Our business rivals are unhappy to see people flocking to our entertainment joints,” he pointed out.

Mr Omar said they have come up with a package of incentives which encourage domestic tourism in the area.

He was reacting to social media reports against them during a media briefing at their restaurant in Mombasa county saying the allegations were unfounded.

The pub manager said he is ready and open for investigation over the unfounded allegations.

False information

Omar lashed out at the media for rushing to write a story against them without seeking their comment.

He told journalists he is perturbed with the rate at which their business rivals are spreading rumours against them.

“We had closed our branches in Diani due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and we were not kicked out of the area as alleged by our rivals,” he pointed out.

The pub proprietor said he has a chain of businesses in Kwale including cottages which are still operating.

Omar who was flanked by his business partner Steve Mure and the local women leader Mildred Odinga said they have resolved to focus on domestic tourism with the absence of international tourists due to the outbreak of the deadly disease.

Ill motive

He regretted that the rumours have affected their business despite putting on a brave face to continue operating with a few incentive packages.

“Families are scared and are not ready to come over to the entertainment joints at the moment,” he pointed out.

The management of BidiBadu Shelly Beach restaurant told journalists they came up with the foundation concept to give back to the society.

One his part, Mure said he is one of the young entrepreneurs and they called the media to put the record straight on false allegations against their popular joint.

He told journalists the allegations level against them including the rape of a girl are pure lies.

“Our business rivals in the area made us to be summoned with threats to close down the place,” he revealed.