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Boy drowns in a water pan in Kinango


A teenage lost his live on Saturday evening after he drowned in a water pan at Taru in Kinango Sub county, Kwale County.

The boy, Chiwaya Nyamawi, 18 is said to have slipped off and fell into the water pan.

Efforts to save his life proved futile and locals helplessly watched as the water took away the innocent boy’s life.

The body was later retrieved from the water pan at Mgoya area in the outskirts of Taru trading centre.

Community activists led by Youth leader Mgandi Kaingu urged concerned parties to employ various safety measures to avert such incidents in the future.

According to Mgandi, the incident is not the first one as lives have been lost in the same Mgoya water pan.

The water pan was left open after road construction works by the Chines Road and Bridges Construction company.

“Though locals have benefited from the water pan where they wash their clothes, take bath and take their livestock to quench thirst too, it has become very dangerous, ” he said.

The human rights defender urged local authorities to mount awareness boards surrounding the water pan to caution locals.

“Since we cannot completely seal-off the water pan as it helps many locals, the concerned parties from Kwale County government should immediately implement safety measures to save lives,” reiterated Mgandi.

He cautioned that if such situation is totally ignored, both locals and their live stock will remain at risk.

Mgandi proposed on standby divers and an emergency rescue team around the area to provide urgent services incase of any emergencies.

“We have to think and think very fast so that we save our own community or else we will continue losing innocent lives,” charged Mr. Mgandi.

The late Nyamawi was a Macknon road polytechnic student.