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Circulation begins as Uhuru unveils new Kenya currency

[The new look Kenya coins. Photo/courtesy]

The circulation of the new Kenya currency began on Tuesday after President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled the new look Kenya coin.

The President termed the new coins as a milestone for the country as it depicted the implementation of the constitution.

He said the new features remind Kenyans on the country’s rich history as well as cohesion, culture and socio economic agenda.

Addressing a high level delegates meeting at the Central bank of Kenya on Tuesday, President Uhuru said the coins are also favorable for the visual impaired persons and that it would create space for the country’s unity.

“Unveiling these new generation coins enable all Kenyan to reflect on their country rich culture as well embrace the development agenda and country’s transformation plan,” he noted.

The President however appealed to financial institutions to avail credit to young entrepreneurs who despite having great and unique ideas they find it almost impossible to access credits to initiate and expand their economic agenda.


“We can spend all the time training the youth in entrepreneurship, but if don’t avail them credit, we will not achieve our development goal,” he added.

President Uhuru urged the Central bank of Kenya to seek guidance or assistance from the government so that it can be accorded the required resources for driving the development wheel.

He however appealed to public institutions to show dedication and zeal to serve the country so as to uplift the country’s economy.

CBK Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge said the new currency will unite Kenyans as it reflects the country’s rich environment, talents, culture among much other vast potential that reflects nationalism and Kenya’s history.