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Frauds run away with Ruto’s 2M for Kongowea traders

[Kongowea traders Chairperson Richard Nyangoto addressing journalist at the Market on Tuesday. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Traders from Kongowea market who are also UDA recruited grassroots leaders are calling on the Deputy President William Ruto to intervene on their behalf after they were duped 2 million shillings last week.

The group composed of bodaboda operators, Mama mboga and small medium enterprises were given the money by Deputy President William Ruto during his Coast tour campaign last week.

Led by their Chairman Richard Nyangoto, said the money was meant to cushion them after their businesses collapsed due to Covid-19.

They said the Mombasa County Ruto point man who was given the money to distribute to them vanished with the loot and they have been tracing him without success.

The agitated traders now see the gesture promise as a political dangling carrot ploy to hoodwink them to attend the rally in large numbers.

The Kongowea is a home to over 10,000 traders most of whom live from hand to mouth and rely on their businesses to make ends meet.

Money stolen

Led by the traders Chairperson Richard Nyangoto they said the money given out by Ruto never reached them.

The Kongowea market Chairperson said out of the 2 million shillings given out by Ruto only 700,000 was distributed to the traders while the balance of 1.3 million has disappeared.

Nyangoto who was flanked by market patron Philip Sammy and market committee member Millicent Odudo said the money was distributed when most of the traders had left the market.

He insisted the balance of Sh 1.3 million has ended up in some individuals’ pockets.

“The purported officials had sidelined the bonafide market officials with the intention to embezzle the money and we therefore want the 1.3 million shillings recovered from the cartel,” he said.

The market chairperson told journalists the missing amount has caused division among the traders.

Nyangoto pointed out that before the visit by Ruto and the money donation the traders at the market were united.

He said some traders at some sections of the market were given 5,000 shillings out of the total amount of 2 million shillings.

“Some traders were to receive 100 shillings and others only 50 shillings which is an insult to them,” he added.

The market patron lauded the DP for his frequent visits at the market but he sympathized with him for the incident in which the money meant for the traders ended up in the wrong hands.

Missed target

Sammy said those who attended the rally at the market were people brought in from outside the area with a hidden agenda.

He pointed out those who shared the loot are wealthy traders and not those who the money was meant to benefit.

“The local legislator has refused to recognise the bonafide officials at the market and he has instead been working with imposters,” he pointed out.