Home News Business Investigate banks alleged to aid graft deals.

Investigate banks alleged to aid graft deals.

Fortune Sacco Chair [Wilfred Mwangi during a meeting in Mombasa.Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization and professionals working in various sectors have asked the government to reign in on banks alleged to be involved in aiding theft of public funds in the country.

They argued that to tame corruption in Kenya, all those involved must be held accountable regardless of their status in the society.

Speaking during a meeting for Kirinyaga professionals living in Mombasa, Fortune Sacco Chair Wilfred Mwangi and Kirinyaga Unity People’s Association (KUPA) Chair Michael Muriithi, wondered why banks named in various graft scandals have not been surcharged or its officials charged in court.

Mwangi expressed dismay that many of banks and individuals named in recent NYS, Health, KPC and other scandals are still operating normally as if nothing happened.

They said that banks have been aiding theft of public funds by facilitating banking and withdrawal of “suspicious abnormal” sums of money without raising eyebrows or informing the Central Bank of Kenya.

Mwangi said graft has reached an alarming level and it must be slayed at all cost.

“The government should also allow citizen arrest people suspected to engage in corruption because it is unable to tame the vice,” added Muriithi.

On the issue of contraband goods, Muriithi called for the disbandment of the entire Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) because it has failed to protect consumers’ health by allowing substandard goods into the market and killing of local industries.

He said “Contraband goods is almost killing local industries and this could lead to massive loss of jobs if it is not stopped immediately,”

The professionals also asked Kenyans to support Deputy President William Ruto’s development record and ignore those demolishing claiming that he was engaged in 2022 campaigns.