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Kenya power, the poorest performing company 2018


The Kenya power Company performed dismally in 2018 according to human rights defenders and Mombasa residents.

With all the power blackouts and hefty power bills Mombasa residents are complaining of poor services, however to the deaf ears.

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid said that he has received overwhelming complaints from locals concerning the hefty power bills and which Kenya power has not given reason as to why such accrued bills.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, Khalid said that the human rights lobby will not relent and will land in the corridors of justice until they get proper explanations.

He said that throughout the year, Mombasa has experienced perennial blackouts and locals getting heavy bills.

“Kenya power should come out clean and explain to us what’s led to such pathetic situation,” he added.

He said that Haki Africa will unite with locals to stage a protest and picket at the Kenya power offices until they get a concrete explanation.

“How can the Kenya power bill its customers up to sh. 35,000 up from sh. 2,000? It is just impossible we should not remain quiet about this particular issue,” noted an agitated Khalid.

He reiterated that all aggrieved customers should drop their bills at Haki Africa offices as the human rights organisation prepares a legal suit against the sole public power supply entity.

Meanwhile, Mombasa residents have appealed to Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho to intervene and solve the issue.

Mohammed Badi, a Magongo resident in Changamwe who received a bill of Sh. 35,000 in December appealed to Joho to intervene and save the locals from such oppression and corruption.

[All complaints to be directed to husseinkhalid@hakiafrica.or.ke or husseinkhalid@outlook.com]