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Kenyans to save upto Ksh.231,000 On LG Products as Festive Season begins

[LG Electronics East Africa Home Appliances Product Manager Eden Seo (R) explains the features of the company's commercial washing machines to Jack Shiundu, Mamafua Laundromatic Director (C ) and Ravi Kanani, B2B Regional Head Hotpoint Appliances. Photo/Courtesy/LG/Nov’ 25, 2022].

Kenyans can save upto Ksh.231,000 across select LG electronics appliances and electronics from today until the end of 2022.

This follows an announcement by LG Electronics on product discounts ranging from between 10% to 25% across select products aimed at giving consumers the best customer experience and enabling them to live the better life they deserve.

Besides, the move seeks to offer consumers an opportunity to access appliances and electronics that will ensure they get the best experience of the ongoing Black Friday celebrations, World Cup and end-year festive season that features Christmas and New Year holidays.

Speaking during the announcement, LG Electronics Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim said, “This being a season for close friends and family, we’re committed to providing home electronics and appliances that work best and to keep you updated with the latest technological advances. We believe that everyone deserves a better life hence our collaboration with partners such as OPALNET to make that life more affordable for you”.

Beyond affordable products, the products lined up for discounts are big on technology, giving customers access to appliances and electronics that can be controlled, monitored and managed from the comfort of their living rooms, or even their car seat using the LG ThinQ mobile application.

Among the products include the LG OLED, LG QNED, LG Nanocell and LG UHD Television sets that will retail from as low as KES 49,995 for a 43-inch TV to KES 694,995 83 inches OLED TV that will see consumers save between KES 12,000 TO KES 231,000.

On appliances, LG Electronics refrigerators will be retailed from between Ksh.83,495 for a 254L refrigerator to Ksh.299,995 giving customers an opportunity to save upto Ksh.45,000. The washing machines on the other end will retail from Ksh.94, 995 to a high of Ksh.249,995 with a savings margin of upto Ksh.25,000.


“Life’s about more than having the latest technology. It’s about the experience technology creates. From TVs and refrigerators to Air conditioners and washing machines, LG East Africa delivers home electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments.” Said Sa Nyoung Kim.

The discounts come against the backdrop of LG redefining the meaning of a home by introducing more smart products for a more connected and convenient lifestyle designed to make consumers’ daily lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

The products according to Kim are intuitive, responsive and eco-friendly, giving customers a chance to spend wisely, be more productive and reduce the impact on the world around them.