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LG indoor solutions win performance awards

[L-R, Sa Nyoung Kim - LG East Africa MD, Kwan Yul Lee LG Electronics Middle East and Africa Regional MD. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

LG Electronics (LG) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technologies have won international accolades for their high performance.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) awarded LG the Performance Award for the fourth straight year. A total of 57 LG HVAC solutions across seven product categories passed AHRI’s evaluation for the third year in a row (2018 to 2020).

The models that were evaluated and passed the comprehensive performance evaluation cut across LG’s residential and commercial segments. LG says the AHRI awards are a strong endorsement of its innovative capabilities as a consumer brand.

“LG has been solidifying its excellent reputation in the HVAC market due to its exceptional, in-house-developed technologies and has recorded steady growth for twelve consecutive years,” said James Lee, head of the Air Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

AHRI tested LG models in the Variable Refrigerant Airflow (VRF), Variable-Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioners, Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners (PTAC), Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP), Water-Cooled Chillers, Air-Cooled Chillers, and Room Fan Coil Units categories.

In awarding the Performance Award, AHRI works with experts at Intertek, a leading standards and certification organization, to assess whether actual product performance matches the listed specifications.

AHRI then randomly selects 20 percent of models within each manufacturer-specified product category. Only those companies whose products have passed the primary performance evaluation for three years consecutively are eligible for the Performance Award.

Also evaluated was LG Multi V Water, a water source cooling system with a plate-type heat exchanger for better thermal efficiency. The company’s solution also saves energy by adjusting the volume of water heated/cooled based on the number of outdoor units in operation.

A third product to pass AHRI’s assessment, LG’s air-cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller is a highly-efficient solution powered by advanced inverter technology. With a footprint of only 1.6 square meters (20-refrigerator ton model), the compact unit delivers a high level of performance without taking up a significant amount of space.

Founded in 1953, AHRI is a respected trade association representing global manufacturers of HVAC, refrigeration and water heating solutions. AHRI currently boasts more than 350 member companies.