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LG to open 5 new service outlets in ‘Last Mile’ consumer strategy

[L-R, Sa Nyoung Kim - LG East Africa MD, Kwan Yul Lee LG Electronics Middle East and Africa Regional MD. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

LG Electronics East Africa is set to launch 5 new service centers in Kenya as part of a regional strategy to enhance reach and support to customers using its products.

The new service outlets will be located in Bungoma, Kisii, Naivasha, Nyeri and Malindi in Kilifi county, bringing to 14, the total number of LG service centers in the country.

The strategy will also see the company revamp its brand shops and open new ones in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan, as it strengthens its last mile reach to consumers through its growing network of retailers and distributors.

On Friday, LG launched a campaign dubbed ‘Last Mile’ to customer support and after-sale service through its chain of service centers located in key towns, in line with its new approach to re-engage consumers in the East Africa region.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign in Nairobi, LG East Africa Managing Director, Sa Nyuong Kim, said ‘Last Mile’ is a concept aimed at giving customers a memorable end-to-end experience with the company’s products, from the time they purchase them to the end of the product life.

“Through the ‘Last Mile’ campaign we are renewing our service promise to customers as well as creating awareness around our after-sale service, products and our mobile-based platform to help consumers identify LG genuine products,” said Mr Kim.

LG has also expanded its customer fleet with an additional 16 vehicles and 3 motorbikes to support customers who may not be covered by the existing service fleet, even as it steps up efforts to sensitize consumers on identifying genuine products manufactured by the company, using a mobile-based authentication platform.

LG Electronics East Africa Regional Managing Director, Kwanyul Lee said the company is in the process of refurbishing 20 shops across the region and will launch new ones as it targets an increasingly tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious consumer seeking premium products to match their lifestyle.

Customer relations

“The Last Mile Campaign is important as it will also strengthen LG’s relationships with our customers and partners across our Home Appliances, Home Entertainment and Air Solutions (residential and commercial air conditioning) categories. To demonstrate how seriously LG is taking these relationships, we are investing heavily in our service infrastructure to enhance the brand experience,” said Mr. Lee.

Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) Secretary-General, Stephen Mutoro, who was the chief guest during the event, urged consumers to be vigilant against fake items in the market and use existing channels provided by manufacturers to identify genuine from counterfeit products.

“I wish to commend LG for launching an easy-to-use mobile tool that enables consumers to authenticate whether what they are buying are the real LG products. As COFEK, we shall continue playing our role in protecting consumers from dangerous illicit goods that harm human health and safety,” said Mr. Mutoro.

He further said that in a world of rapid technological change, companies have to keep abreast of evolving consumer trends and respond accordingly, saying it was time to shift focus to the experience customers have with a particular product or service.

[L-R, Jeonghoan Choi LG East Africa Service Director, Rakesh Singh Opalnet MD, Kwan Yul Lee LG Middle East & Africa Regional MD,  Sa Nyoung Kim – LG East Africa MD. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

When the customer starts using the product, they are entitled to a 7-day return policy for new faulty products, 2-year warranty, 10-year warranty on core parts for home appliances, customer support on toll-free and WhatsApp, online listening via SNS, remote video call support, in-home visit within 24-hours after booking, and repair support by qualified service engineers.

According to the Kenya Anti Counterfeit Agency, 75 percent of Kenyans are exposed to counterfeit products. LG has welcomed government efforts to eradicate the vice through a multi-agency approach that has seen many such good impounded. Available data shows consumer electronics are among the most pirated goods globally.