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Mombasa boasts of new submarine fibre cable.


Technology company Telkom and the PEACE cable company have successfully landed a submarine cable in Mombasa.

Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) is initially a 15,000 km submarine cable from Pakistan to France, extended from Pakistan to Singapore for an additional 6,500km, with the main trunk landing in Singapore, Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt and France and branches to the Maldives, Malta, Cyprus, etc.

The PEACE cable system is designed with the latest 200G transmission technology and WSS ROAMD BU technology, which provides the capability to transmit over 16Tbps per fibre pair servicing growing regional capacity needs.

This PEACE cable system substantially reduces network latency by adopting the shortest direct route connectivity, providing cost-effective capacity in an economically growing region and enhancing route diversity between Asia, Africa and Europe.

During the launch in Mombasa, the ICT Chief Officer in the Mombasa County Department of Education, ICT & Vision 2035 Mr Anwar Ahmed lauded the mega-project saying that it will help reduce latency in internet connections and provide Mombasa county with a technology hub for the people.

“The Submarine PEACE cable will boost innovation in Mombasa as it enhances swift connectivity while transforming the digital economy owing to the efficiency and consistency of the internet thus improving on service delivery.” Said Mr Anwar, ICT Chief Officer.

He also added that the submarine landing will bring more diverse digital connection options and provide large capacity and stable data access opportunities to Kenyans hence bringing more business development to the region.

Telkom CEO Mr Kibati Mugo said that it is of strategic importance to Telkom with the view to access the internet.

“Due to the increasing demand for internet services including cloud computing, streaming, gaming among others and also taking to account the customers demand seamless services provision with no interruption, we are proud for this delivery as it will contribute to Kenya’s strategic evolution to become a digital economy in line to the big 4 Agenda in Kenya.”Mugo Said.

The Cabinet Secretary ICT, Innovation and Youth affairs Joe Mucheru ticked the success saying that the 15,000km long PEACE cable to a tune of  44billion will give Kenya a strategic boost allowing more flexible digital connection options, including a high speed of 200Gbps (Gigabytes per second) wavelength with a total capacity of 192Tbps(Terabytes per second) thus securing data access possibilities.