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Mombasa vulnerable women get Sh 500,000 business grants

[The Agha Khan Foundation-Kenya Programme officer Stela Maris Mumbua together with DAYO Executive Director Seif Jira during the handover of dummy cheque at the DAYO Headquarters in Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar/July, 22, 2022].

Over 50 vulnerable women in Mombasa have benefitted from a Sh 500,000 entrepreneurship grant aimed at reviving their businesses that were drastically affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

For the last two years, Covid 19 pandemic has negatively impacted the country’s economy but for low-income female entrepreneurs it is a reprieve from the initiative that is steered by the Agha Khan foundation in Mombasa.

Speaking at the Dream Achievers Youth Organisation headquarters on Thursday during the disbursement of the grants, the Agha Khan Foundation-Kenya Programme officer Stela Maris Mumbua termed the plan as a game changer to the women’s small businesses.


“We are targeting at least 50 community members in one of our Covid interventions, we are targeting women because we know women were mostly affected and are suffering economically,” said Mumbua.

She noted that many families are still suffering economically, triggering youth to indulge in social vices, among them crime.

The projects are being implemented in Coastal counties.

The project will initiate business start-ups with a stipend that will ensure thriving of their businesses as part of a recovering strategy from the adverse economic effects of Covid-19.


Under the programme, vulnerable families received food distribution undertaken by Dream Achievers Youth Organisation (DAYO) to cushion them from drastic economic challenges triggered by the pandemic.

“The interventions are wide, part of it is the distribution of foodstuffs to families within Mombasa county, the distribution is informed by a research that identified those vulnerable,” said Seif Jira, Dream Achievers Youth Organisation Executive director.

Jira is reiterating the need of Coastal people to continue embracing Covid protocols so as to avert any further spread during this period different economic sectors are recovering.

“We are appealing to our communities to continue adhering to Covid-19 protocols so that they can defeat the spread of the disease, it is only when there is no further spread,” said Jira.

This happens as the Ministry of health continue to ask residents to adhere to Covid-19 containment measures so as to contain further spread of Corona virus.