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Mvita Parliamentary hopeful urges youth to embrace self-reliance

[Mvita Parliamentary hopeful Mohamed Soud Machele (Left) with Ali Mohammed Obo during the opening of BerberLee men's salon at Makadara, Mombasa. Photo/Bilal Ahmed].

Mvita parliamentary aspirant Mohamed Soud Machele is advising the youth to embrace self-reliance so as to fight the unemployment challenge in the country.

Machele says youth have the required skills that can enhance them venture into self- reliance so as to evade the many economic challenges they face in their daily lives

According to the youthful businessman and politician, youth at the Coast and specifically in Mombasa should change their perspective and strive towards uplifting their own living standards.

Entrepreneurial skills

He said he has been meeting various youth groups with a reason to equip them with entrepreneurial skills, an initiative that has positively impacted the lives of many youth in the Constituency.

“These skills will enable our youth become self-independent since it is evident that even the few companies we thought would absorb our youth are shutting down,” noted Mr. Machele.

He said though youth are thankful to the National government for the hygiene program dubbed ‘Kazi mtaani’ the program is seasonal and youth indulging in the program must save and initiate their own livelihood projects when the program ends.

Job scarcity

“If youth in other places are doing it why not us, we should learn the fact that jobs in our county are scarce, let’s be disciplined and we will attain our set goals,” noted the youth leader.

He made the remarks during the opening of BerberLee men’s hair salon at Makadara area in Old town, Mombasa.

[Youthful businessman and politician Mohamed Soud Machele getting a close shave from hair stylist Ali Mohammed Obo (BerberLee]. Photo/Bilal Ahmed].

Machele commended Mr Ali Mohammed Obo (BerberLee) for encouraging youth to venture in self-employment and create job opportunities for their peers as well.

On his part the renowned hair stylist appealed to the youth to develop their business ideas into income generating projects that will sustain them economically.

“As youth we have to wake up from the comfort zone and strive to attain our goals,” said the talented hair stylists.