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New dawn for Mombasa residents as ‘Shasha online shopping’ open doors

[Shasha Online Mall Limited Company director Abdifatah Mohammed. Photo/The Correspondent]

Mombasa county residents can now shop and receive their goods at the comfort of their living room after a new online shopping company opened its doors in the county.

Shasha online Mall Limited Company is offering the residents a new shopping experience where one shops, pay online and the goods are delivered right at their doors.

Shasha online mall Limited director Abdifatah Mohammed said that the new experience not only saves residents time but also offers technology experience to locals.

Mohammed said residents who visit the Shasha shopping website selects their goods, pay online and the goods are delivered within an hour or two.

“We target the working class but not restricted to them, all Mombasa residents can visit the new online shopping, shop and wait for delivery,” he added.

He said that all products found in supermarkets, shopping malls, retail shops, wholesale stores and groceries can be purchased through Shasha online mall Limited.

The young innovator challenged fellow youth to constructively use the technology space to initiate entrepreneurial projects which will alleviate their economic challenges.

He said that youth cannot be all absorbed in the minimal companies and public organisations urging them to expand their thinking capacity and use the technology space for economic growth.

He challenged youth to be very innovative in developing practical ideas that can be used to generate income instead of misusing the internet for example by watching explicit content.

Mohammed is now marketing his Shasha online mall company to reach all Mombasa residents while thinking of expanding the new experience to cover the whole of the Coast region.