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Protests, legal suit looms as Kenya Power slams Mombasa residents with hefty bills

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Pauline Kwamboka]

A legal battle is looming between human rights defenders and the sole public power supply entity Kenya Power after a festive season ‘shocker gift’ of heavy power bills.

The Kenya Power Company has been sending heavy power bills to Mombasa residents since the beginning of December and human rights defenders are not taking it lightly.

Haki Africa, a human rights lobby has vowed to take the battle to the corridors of justice demanding to understand the reason behind such high power bills.

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid who is the latest victim said that the Kenya Power secret move should not be condoned but trimmed to size.

He said that even after demanding for answers Kenya Power, Mombasa offices only said that they have been estimating the power bills and admitted that they were not the exact figures for the last two years.

“If they cannot read the meters then they should tell the public the process of doing so so that their customers can do it on their own,” said the human rights defender.

He continued, “I have been paying less that sh. 2,000 for the last two years but my December bill shot to sh. 23,000 this is unbelievable, we want to understand why?” he said.

On her part, Nyambura Ndung’u, a resident at Magongo in Changamwe received a bill amounting to sh. 26,000 and she was told to pay it or be disconnected.

“In fact when you report to the rude Kenya Power workers at the first floor of Mombasa Stima plaza they don’t look at your face only telling you to pay the bill or be disconnected,” retorted an agitated Nyambura.

She called for sacking of Kenya Power staff mandated to read power meters in residential areas.

The complaints of the same nature are endless as Mr. Khalid reveals he is already in the process of ensuring Kenya Power stops what he termed as ‘nuisance’.

“From January, 2019, we are taking the public entity head on, Mombasa residents should not remain mum but take legal action to tame the poor, pathetic and corrupt behaviours of Kenya Power staff.

He said Haki Africa will write an official complaint to the Energy CS Charles Keter for action.

[All complaints to be directed to husseinkhalid@hakiafrica.or.ke]