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Wundanyi MP launches a 2.3M youth economic empowerment initiative

[Wundanyi MP Danson Mwashako during the launch of Badilisha Maisha Youth Movement CBO, in Wundanyi. Photo/Courtesy].

Wundanyi Legislature Danson Mwashako has launched a youth economic empowerment program that targets the vast Constituency.

While launching the already 2.3 million shillings worth program, a contribution from local youth and leaders, Mwashako says the initiative is meant to enable youth groups to fully engage in various Agri-business activities in the Constituency.

Speaking at the Wundanyi Matatu stage during the Badilisha Maisha Youth Movement CBO launch on Saturday, Mr Mwashako noted that the initiative will go a long way in transforming the lives of not only the youth but the larger community within his constituency.

Badilisha Maisha Youth Movement CBO comprises of 16 youth groups which according to Mwashako will positively impact Taita Taveta County’s economy.

“Together with the locals leaders among them County Woman representative Lydia Haika and Senator Johns Mwaruma and my colleagues from other parts of the country, we injected 2.3 million shillings to jumpstart this initiative,” noted Mr Mwashako.

During the contribution, Mwashako gave out 200,000 shillings, Mwaruma, 100,000 shillings and the County MP Lydia Haika pledged a half a million shillings from the NGAAF with other politicians also contributing to the noble initiative.

Under the initiative youth will be engaged in French beans farming, Bee keeping, potato, water mellon and sweet potato farming, goat rearing, soap making among other Agri-business related income generating projects.

“It’s an open fact that we cannot economically prosper by ignoring our youth, we need to face-lift them economically so that they are self reliant,” Reiterated the youthful Lawmaker.

The MP appealed to the youth to dedicate themselves in development issues and deter from other social vices that are detrimental to their growth.

“When you engage in Agri-business and other development activities you will have no time for indulging in crime and drug use or even lament that politicians have forgotten you since you will be economically stable,” noted Mr Mwashako who has been closely working with the youth and women in his constituency since he sailed into leadership in 2017.

The first time Legislature has appealed for concerted efforts among his constituents so as to attain a well developed Wundanyi Constituency, habitable for all.