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Youth challenged to initiate business projects

[KRCS Mombasa branch Board Chairperson Mr. Mahmoud Noor. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Youth in Mombasa have been challenged to uptake business initiatives so that they fend for themselves.

The have been further tasked to use the available revolving funds set aside for them so that they pursue various business projects.

Kenya Red Cross Society Mombasa Branch Board Chairperson Mahmoud Noor said Covid-19 pandemic has affected many livelihoods and drastically impacted youth lives countrywide.

Mr. Noor, who is also the technology and art Centre Swahilipot Hub Patron in Mombasa said since the country has minimal employment opportunities for the youth, it is worthy for them to take steps in fending for themselves.

He was addressing Old town residents in Mombasa during awarding of certificates to youth groups after successfully completion of business training in the area.

KRCS together with Mombasa county government and other partners came up with the Initiative to enable Old town youth embrace small businesses so as to upkeep their lives.


“The current situation in the country is very challenging, there are very minimal employment opportunities and those companies some of us thought they will absorb our youth are actually closing down, so the better option is for the youth to depend on themselves,” noted Mr. Noor.

He said the humanitarian Organisation will continue mentoring, monitoring and engaging the youth so that they succeed in managing their own income generating projects.

[KRCS Board Chaiperson and Swahilipot Hub Patron Mr. Mahmoud Noor issuing a certficate to one of the Old town youth. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Some of the Old town youth already benefited from capital to engage in business activities when the area was locked down due to a surge in Coronavirus positive cases.

The initiative has since positively impacted the area with youth shunning drugs and criminal activities.

Poor parenting

Meanwhile, the renowned youth mentor has tasked local leaders and parents in the area to guide the young generation to the right path away from drug abuse and crime.

He said if the young generation is properly guided through the best societal ethics, crime and drug abuse among the youth will be tamed.