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Catholic church on stringent measures to prevent Covid-19

[Holy Family Kiembeni Catholic Church Priest Vincent Alicho. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Holy Family Catholic Church, Kiembeni Parish priest, Reverend Vincent Alicho has called on Kenyans to help vulnerable families severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic through the loss of jobs.

Alicho, a missionary Priest from Nigeria also urged Kenyans to follow anti-Covid-19 guidelines laid by the government in order to avert the spread of the deadly disease.

Speaking at the church Alicho said they opened church doors after observing all the anti-Covid-19 guidelines.

The priest said before anyone is allowed to enter the church he or she has to wash hands, their temperatures checked and sanitise at the entrance of the church.

Maximum cleanliness

Alicho said after the end of mass the pews are also sanitised before another lot of the congregation enters the holy sanctuary for mass.

Alicho said the church has also formed anti-Covid -19 response committee to oversee the adherence of all the safety measures with the church under the guidance of a senior doctor from Coast general referral hospital Dr. Anthony Mugaka.

On his part Dr. Mugaka said the emergency Covid-19 team to carry out work of disinfecting the church and making sure the church congregants follow the laid down safety guidelines.