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Catholic faithful mark Ash Wednesday, begin fasting

[Father David Kalua applying Holy Ashes to a Catholic Faithful at the Holy Ghost cathedral, Mombasa. Photo/File].

The Catholic faithful countrywide flocked various churches to mark Ash Wednesday.

In Mombasa County, Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva while leading the congregation at the Holy Ghost cathedral in Mombasa to mark the Ash Wednesday, said the Catholic faithful is marking the 40-day lent period at very hard times.

The Bishop said the country is currently facing many challenges among them economic hardships, political divisions and the Covid-19 pandemic further urging Christians to pray for the nation especially during this electioneering period.

Kivuva said Ash Wednesday is meant to strengthen the faith of the believers throughout the 40-day fasting period and thereafter.

“Let’s pray for God’s intervention so that he heals our politically divided nation. Let’s also help the needy in the society,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

He said Christians should be at the front in uniting the nation through prayers, doing good deeds and always preach peace and coexistence among Kenyans.

“As Catholic faithful, we all understand what Lent means to us. We should observe all the teachings, repent and unite with the less fortunate in the society,” added Archbishop Kivuva.

Apart from fasting and praying, Bishop Kivuva appealed to the followers to contribute basic needs to the needy throughout the fasting period.

[Father John Korea (left) with Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva Musonde. Photo/File].

Ash Wednesday is marked annually where Holy ashes are applied at the forehead part of the faithful reminding him of repenting, doing good deeds to other people, and always be ready to meet his creator.

The lent period culminates with the Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Christian religion.

Throughout the Lent period, the Catholic faithful will be observing the way of the cross every Friday throughout the five-week fasting period, deny themselves luxuries and be prayerful.