Home News Changamwe residents want undesignated dumpsite closed

Changamwe residents want undesignated dumpsite closed


Changamwe residents within Mombasa County have appealed for an urgent closure of the fast growing dumpsite in the area.

The residents say the dumpsite located at Mainland area along the Changamwe-Jomvu- Miritini road may result into outbreak of diseases.

The locals led by Mwinyi Mohammed said the undesignated garbage collection point should be immediately closed.

According to Mohammed, despite all efforts to push for a closure of the dumpsite, the Mombasa county government has remained mum taking no action to close down the dump site.

Mohammed said the locals will be forced to stage a protest so that they trigger actions from the county government.

“In fact, the dumpsite is now spreading to the Mainland- Magongo road posing a serious danger to motorists,” Mohammed said.

His sentiments were backed by another resident Elizabeth Anyango who said some children have been camping at the dumpsite to collect plastic bottles for selling.

“This heaps of garbage pose a major health threat to the surrounding community, it should be closed,” She said.

The residents called on the Mombasa County government to collect all the garbage in the area.

“With the current rains and unpredictable weather conditions, the odours coming from the garbage are unbearable,” Anyango lamented.