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Children’s home get support amid Coronavirus crisis

[Our lady of Mercy director Fatuma Abeid. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mikindani Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Mombasa Juma Renson Thoya has distributed food and non-food items to ‘Our Lady of Mercy’ Children Home.

Thoya said children homes are undergoing difficult times since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country.

The MCA said the county and the national government were doing a commendable job to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic however children’s homes were seemingly left behind in the fight against the virus.

He said most orphanage and children centres depended on donations from well-wishers which seem to have dried up amid the Covid-19 crisis.


Thoya said children homes in the region have been thrown into a crisis following the restrictions over Coronavirus, hindering their access to foreign and domestic donations.

Fatuma Abeid who manages the children’s centre said the donations have dried up and asked philanthropists to step in and save them from further crisis.

She said they are facing food crisis and urged well-wishers to do in the society to consider donating food to such institutions which are in dire need of urgent assistance.

She said such centres usually face problems from food scarcity, to shortage of drugs, school fees and clothing for the vulnerable children.