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Christians mark Palm Sunday

[Mombasa Archdiocese, Archbishop Martin Kivuva during the Palm Sunday. Photo/Fadhili Mwambingu/April, 9, 2022].

Christians across the country marked the Palm Sunday amid calls for humility, peace and coexistence especially during this electioneering period.

At the Holy Ghost Cathedral church in Mombasa, Archbishop Martin Kivuva appealed to the Catholic faithful to welcome the holy week with prayers, repentance and remembering the needy in the society.

According to Archbishop Kivuva, Palm Sunday signals the last week of fasting but it is never the end of doing good deeds to each other.

“We have walked the journey of the Lent period and we are heading towards the end, however, for us Christians it is the beginning of our entire holy journey of life and serving God diligently,” said Kivuva during the summon.

He further appealed to the faithful to pray for the country as it races to the August, 9 general election.

The Man of God challenged politicians to embrace peace even as they hunt for votes from Kenyans.

“The August, 9 general election is not a matter of life and death, let’s not cause unnecessary tensions that can plunge the country into chaos,” Archbishop Kivuva warned.

He stressed out on the importance of conducting peaceful- issue based political campaigns.

During the Palm Sunday, Christians across the country conducted peaceful processions raising high their palms and twigs singing Hossana the most high.

Palm Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that falls on a Sunday before Easter.

The feast commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in each of the four canonical Gospels.

[Christians in Mombasa mark the Palm Sunday. Photo/Fadhili Mwambingu/April, 9, 2022].
Palm Sunday marks the first day of the Holy week that will see Christians mark Good Friday as they usher in Easter celebrations from Sunday to Monday.